Jesus Loves the Little Children!

Kids need to hear how great God's love for them is and how each of them is special and important! At LCC KIDS, we want to show them the story of God's love in scripture and help them show that love to everyone they meet! We have qualified, gifted leaders who will introduce your young ones to the God Who changes everything!


At LCC KIDS we know your children are your most precious treasure. We are honored that you would trust us with your son or daughter, and we don't take that lightly! We work hard to craft a safe, engaging atmosphere where your child can connect to Jesus! Parents, we want to come alongside you as you try to point your child to Jesus. We provide you with weekly resources for continuing to disciple your young ones even after Sunday service is complete!

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Above all, we believe that Jesus has died for the sins of all people, to free us from darkness and bring us light and love we didn't know was possible. We believer that this is the best, most important news the world has ever known. We want your kids to know about this love too! We will constantly remind students that they are valuable to Jesus and perfectly made by Him. Our prayer is that kids will graduate this program with a fresh, deep knowledge of who God is and what He's done!

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